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2009-11-22 01:21:48 by SimpleDust


Be Azed!(...?)

2009-07-03 02:23:16 by SimpleDust

Why do I do these things at midnight...........Hopefully Improving?....?????

Be Azed!(...?)

Time to grow up...

2009-03-09 09:54:48 by SimpleDust

Look, I most likely will not be posting anything on Newgrounds for a long time. First reason is that the economy crisis thats going on is really afecting my family, so, I thought about getting a job to help my family out (not putting into account that I'm 14). Second reason, my animation willl most likely not be considered adequete for the public, ie: I'm not very good at drawing. Third reason is that I just got a game (Left4Dead) and will play all day today (No school becasue of a doctors appointment).

Sincerely, (and this is my REAL FIRST NAME)
Jack ???????
Quote made right this second: "Sincerity is the key to trust."

Time to grow up...

2 true. I do not have flash CS3 or any other program. No. I try to make a picture of my future SUMMER ANIMATIONS Kay? So don't expect much, but I WILL be doing all the little shorts on the old, old, Old, adobe photoshop 2000 (C). Now first on my agenda is to make some shorts on Hell girl/Jigouku Shouju Once I figure how to make it so its legal and stuff (I'm only 14 as you can see bey just reading this all) Anpther animation will be of a sort of...anime put inot real life (my life that is)...i'll just make a short picture whoin' ya, hmm? Dunno if I'm goin' to move sonner than I think I will. Personal business. I still need to improve my drawing skills until then hmkay?

NOTE: this is my computer drawing skills not my real drawing/cartooning skills, hopefully I can scan some fer ya to see!!

Don't expect anything...but, then...then again...

Hello, it is me, SimpleDust is back from...nowhere from doing... nothing. Anyway... I would like to show you how far i have gotten in making some animation from studying, and trying to add some shadows to, my animation style (which is pretty bad. my real cartooning is much better) So far I still have no clue how to make animations with my progrma becasue I'm am infected with the lazy. I've also been working on a school project thats kept me stressing a lot latley so....don't expect much. This was finished at 11:22PM. Uhhhh GGahhhhhaaaa.

So sorry for not posting in a bit. When I next post.... until then.

Nothing that should interest anyone in aprticular...:/


2009-01-30 20:39:38 by SimpleDust

Gah! It'a taking so long to learn how to use my program (whixh is not flash)! Anyway here is a better image of "Opening" and until i get really good at making just that one THEN I will start posting...stuff....unghhhh...Hey, can you only post things from flash or what? :/


Coming news!

2009-01-19 22:22:20 by SimpleDust

As i have said before I WILL be a new flash poster. Only my program is NOT FLASH...So until I completely figure out how to use my new touchpad a program then I will get back to you guys. (Not that nayone ever reads this) Look, I've been really busy with school stuff so it will be on my own time that I teach myself about this program and my touchpad. So if I ever DO post anyflashes, I'm gonna need an audio helper in the process. The best I could probobly do right now is 1-D in my program. IT IS NOT MS PAINT. Also, some bad news is that I am pretty lazy about being a teacher and will probalby only teach myself on the weekends, if I feel like it. So don't expect much, butin aboot a month I'll be gving out stuff you will be saying atleast a "hey, that was okay for a novice" type of work. Well, enough rabling, time to go to bed. Arigato! (Ithink thats how you speel it) :)

Coming news!


2008-12-17 17:02:41 by SimpleDust

I just learned with my new program it only saves files as .xcf not .gif So that pretty much ruined my day off school...i am going to save up to buy adobe flash Cs3 or whatever, but if anyone nows of some other program i can use and if i am getting the right flash, please tell me.


2008-12-13 13:36:41 by SimpleDust

It looks like I now have some programs that are not Adobe flash but there free atleast. But like adobe they are really complicated and will take me awhile to get used to. If your interested one is where you can make really realistic still backgrounds. Its called Terragen. The other one is where its kind of like flash only that instead of frames or whatever it uses, this one has layers and you have to merge them to do...something. I'm not 100% sure though. I just got these last night from some help of my....people.(I don't want to reveal who and where I am) Anyway It will be probobly till next month until my first kingdom hearts submision or madness one.(What? I liek it>:) Oh! The name of the second one is GIMP (not like a ganster) I think it means The GNU manipulation program yeah. REMINDER: these ae both FREE! Thanks for the posts.

Happy Christmas! :3

P.S. I Cant get any images uploaded for some reason...problems are starting to pop up...:/

New Flash Animater

2008-12-10 21:22:08 by SimpleDust

Hello! I'm SimpleDust and am going to be a new flash animation artist this Christmas!

It will take me awhile, but with some peoples' help, I will be doing videos with just music so far out. I have it all planned. In the meantime have a Happy Christmas!

By the way! I may not submit my flash out as soon as possible. I'm still in school ya know.

I'll be into parodies of anything I know, and i don't know much...

New Flash Animater